Poetry Corner

These pages are dedicated to one visionary poet. Unfortunately, very little is known about this author, except firstly that she is a lady, and secondly that she wrote the poems contained herein with the intention that they would be published and sold in aid of a good cause.

Sadly, no one she contacted was willing to risk funding such profound and stylistically bold verse, so it seemed the only way left for her art to reach the public it deserves to is through the World Wide Web.

Rather than display these works in efficient yet generic html text, they can be found here only as images that convey their true soul through the expertly subtle and timeless typography that they came to us in.

We hope that you get as much delight and enjoyment out of this as we have. If so, you may wish to compare it with the works of one William McGonagall; either a strong influence on Poetry Corner's subject, a distant relation or a curious coincidence.