It would be against Convomo's principles to tell you where to go.

So here are some places not to go to:

» - Generally, Google isn't a bad place to go, though its trustworthyness has become doubtful since it started complying with Chinese censorship demands. But if you do go there, you could do worse than typing in the words 'failure' or 'miserable failure' and hitting the I'm Feeling Lucky button.

» - As a means of communication, words are indescribably good. McDonald's™ agree; they seem to own half of them. If you have a spare hour or two this page lists words and phrases trademarked by the fat food giants.

» - This site is evil. It will eat away at your spare time and take over your thought processes until you can think of nothing but digitally mutilating fluffy animals. Apparently. But, since there aren't many links on Convomo, you can find a comprehensive set of sites to visit in both the b3ta weblog and newsletter archives. Just don't go near that message board.